NEXT LIVE! MUSIC SHOW – Tuesday 6 April 7:30pm

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I have recently given up entertaining as a DJ for parties and other group gatherings. It is something I enjoyed doing for over 30 years and for which I have many fond memories. It always seems a little weird to me that when behind a disco I was able to entertain and get everyone dancing, yet if I go to a party myself I am probably the last person you would see up on the dancefloor.

Although I have given up the parties I am pleased to say that with the wonders of modern technology I now do the occasional on-line music show. Using a website called MIXCLOUD, every now and again I now stream LIVE! to everyone who wants to listen. If you fancy joining me on my next show, do check our LATEST news page to see if we have any shows coming up.

I also create the occasional music mix, there is a small selection of these below …